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Our Awesome Story

Idbook let’s you went out all your worries in cool spaces whenever and wherever you may need them. Oh and did we forget to mention that all of it comes at really attractive prices? You can book a hotel room at a minimum of 4,8,12 hour time slot, with flexibility of 24 hours check-in and check-out.

And you know what the best part is? No standard check-in and check-out time is required. Furthermore, we enhance your staying experience using many other factors such as trained staff, Toilatory kit ( more than 10 items), A.C., Wi-Fi and various other amenities. With due to covid -19 we are working on to deliver sanitize and hygienic hotels.

With Idbook consider everything dull and boring out of your way as our motto is to provide the best living and staying experiences to our customers. And we know that a cool design with great aesthetics is all what you need and that’s what we precisely deliver.

With Idbook hotels you can expect crisp sheets, power-washed bathrooms, premium wifi with Idbook. Book in a few easy steps on our app for an amazing hotel booking experience.

Our Team

Meet our leaders.

Subham K Sahu

Founder & CEO

Shubham k. Sahu is the Founder & CEO of Idbook hotels. Shubham had started research in his college days, he got the biggest problem of hospitality and decided to build the hotel chain to solve the real problem of hospitality.

Amit Sheoran

Co-Founder & CMO

Amit is the director and CMO of Idbook hotels. Amit has a degree in B. COM. He has 8 years of marketing experience, he loves to work in marketing and working in a new way to reach people easily. Prior to work with Idbook hotels he worked with Delivery.

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