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What is idbook?

Idbook is India's hospitality company, disrupting the traditional industry by provide hourly stay and anytime check-in and check-out facility. We offer standardized rooms in different locations across the country on hourly basis.

How is idbook different from an online travel agent or an online marketplace of hotel rooms?

When you book idbook hotels, you get a guaranteed amazing Idbook experience across all hotels under the idbook network unlike an online marketplace where the end-user experience is not standardized. In short, when you book Idbook, you get to stay in idbook and not any random XYZ hotel.

Unlike most other companies, we follow pay per stay model, where the customers can book any idbook hotel for minimum 4 hours of stay. In addition to that, the customer can check in at any time, instead of traditional 12 noon check-in.

What is the minimum duration of stay in any hotel?

We provide a minimum length of 4-hours of stay.

How big is the idbook network?

We have presence over most places in NCR, and some part of other cities. Please check the app/website for our presence in different cities.

What are the key features of 'standardized' idbook?

The key features include AC rooms with TV, spotless linen, complimentary tea/coffee for 4 hours stay and complimentary breakfast for 8+ hours of stay, free Wi-Fi and hygienic washrooms.

How much does an Idbook cost? Are there any hidden charges to be paid?

Rooms usually start at Rs 400 for short stays but can be lower than this price due to Sale, Coupon Discounts etc. There are no hidden charges.

How can one book an idbook?

Idbook hotels can be booked in through our own idbook app, through the website and on phone by calling +91-7065742305 or via whatsapp number 7065742305. In addition, one can book idbook through any of our partner online travel agents. However online travel agents might not be able to provide short duration of bookings

Does any payment need to be made at the time of booking?

Customers have the option to either make an advance payment through our payment gateway in app/website or pay at the hotel during check-in/check-out.

What are the standard check-in and check-out times?

Unlike traditional model, we do not have any standard check-in time. You can check-in at the time you like. You can select the check in time through our app/website/call/whatsapp

Can I get my booking revised?

Of course! Simply call us at +91-7065742305 or whatsapp 7065742305.

Can I get my booking cancelled?

You can cancel your booking using our website or mobile app. You can also call us on +91-7065742305 to cancel your booking. The applicable refund amount will be credited to you within 4 working days. However, it may take an additional 3-14 working days to reflect in your account, depending on the processing time taken by your bank.

What documents do I need to carry to the hotel to ensure a quick check-in?

You need to carry the confirmation e-mail/ booking ID sent to you at the time of booking and any of your ID proofs that should have your address and photograph. These include your passport, Aadhaar card, driving license and voter's ID card. Please note that PAN card does not qualify as an acceptable ID proof.

I intend to stay at idbook for a long period. Am I eligible for any special discounts?

You could be eligible for a special discount based on the duration of your stay. Please send an e-mail to or call 7065742305 for details.

I am looking for corporate bookings with idbook. How should I go about it?

For corporate bookings, please send an e-mail to or call +91-7065742305.

I am a hotel owner. How can I partner with idbook?

To join our ever-expanding network of hotels, simply call us at 7065742305 and we will get back to you with all the details.

I have further questions. How should I contact idbook?

Please send an e-mail to or call +91 7065742305

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